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Robert Collett, školní asistent

Hello! I come from the South Coast of England and am excited to be part of the Janicka programme. I have a variety of experience teaching and working with adults and children. I studied my main teaching qualification in Prague but my knowledge of the Czech language is dreadful. I am looking forward to learning more and helping everyone at my school learn English!

I think an aim of this project is to demonstrate that language can be learnt not just by directly focusing on it. So if you don´t like words, you´re in. See you at Řehořova 3 

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Působí na školách

Základní škola, Brno, Řehořova 3


5. 6. 2015
Robert Collett

Today I visited Ruxi at her school in Prusy. It was great to team teach and experience a tiny rural school! So different to my school not only in size but also age of kids (grades 0-4), but they had smart boards in every room making using materials from the internet very easy and possible. Good job, kids and Ruxi! 

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16. 2. 2015
Robert Collett

Ski Trip - Karlov Pod Praděd

Hello all, hello people's of the world who have chosen to come and read this post. 

I sit at Špilberk Castle Cafe where the sun has just set and so I will be unable to waffle on too much as my fingers will soon get cold. I wanted to write something quickly, away from school, whilst it is fresh on my mind. I have just returned from Řehořova Základní Ski Trip in the Jeseniky Mountains. I consider myself fortunate to be able to have joined in on such a great trip. It was well organised throughout by the staff members that took part, with, in my opinion, the right balance of holiday fun and learning how to ski safely and properly. I was on hand as an additional staff member, cameraman (we videoed all of the kids progress), and general English teacher. Of course, English is not a staple of a Czech Mountain trip, but me being there gave the kids a nice opportunity to get to know me and me them in a different environment away from classroom formalities. I also broke my rule of NO CZECH AT SCHOOL and tried as best I could to communicate in the L1 language. I think it was all good fun seeing as I was absolutely enthusiastic, but useless at that and so the kids became more relaxed about communicating with me however they could in English and some practicing was done.

Apart from my general English pestering and spontaneous chairlift Go-Pro interviews, we also had an English quiz night -congratulations to the Black Team edging victory by a single point! 



7. 1. 2015
Robert Collett

Recent boardword. Grades 2 and 5.

Making a fish.JPG Making a fish 2.JPG Earth Climatic Zones.JPG

16. 12. 2014
Robert Collett

School Trip to Vienna!

A couple of photos of our teachers and teachers from our partner school in Vienna. The trip was a whole day out for the children with a tour of the Parliament Building, visits to the Christmas Markets and a look at Hundertwasser Architecture. You might be thinking how was English any use in Austria for the children but actually the trip was an excellent demonstation of exactly why they need it. The Viennese school kids did not speak Czech, nor was it possible to have a guided tour around the Parliament Building without a teacher translating from English to Czech of course. If you want to travel freely outside of your country, pack your English kids :)


YLE, Vídeň, Craft Rob 2014 074.jpg YLE, Vídeň, Craft Rob 2014 075.jpg

16. 12. 2014
Robert Collett

Making a recycled toy snake!

YLE, Vídeň, Craft Rob 2014 085.jpg 

What could be more fun than spending your English lesson before Christmas making a new toy and learning about recycled materials? That’s what we got up to recently with our third graders here at Řehořova 3 in Brno. Taking inspiration from Unit 3 of the Happy House textbook, we decided to bring the book to life. We started the process of constructing our own toy by studying pictures of some exciting toys and learning their names. Then we learned about the different materials they were made out of and realised all these materials were recycled. What could you make out of recycled materials?  We designed our own toy and there was some great imagination from the kids with various drawings of elaborate milk bottle bridges and multi-coloured robots. Well, it seemed like a sensible time to get off the drawing board and into production!

YLE, Vídeň, Craft Rob 2014 060.jpg 

We told the kids next lesson we’re going to make a snake! They had to listen to the instructions carefully as I drew on the board what materials were required. Next lesson came and everyone excitedly arrived with a bag full of items. After recapping on the vocabulary (by asking the kids to show me a sock/buttons/needle and thread etc.) we got down to business, with me demonstrating the various stages. The only difficulty? I hadn’t anticipated how shocking at sewing I was –the kids were better!

YLE, Vídeň, Craft Rob 2014 092.jpg YLE, Vídeň, Craft Rob 2014 078.jpg

This activity was great for practising teamwork as well as CLIL because stages such as filling the snake with rice definately needed more than one pair of hands and this gave the opportunity for kids who had finished quickly to share their expertise. Good job Class 3!

YLE, Vídeň, Craft Rob 2014 089.jpg

(All photos used within this commentary are with permission from the school)