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Lisa Weston, školní asistent

I´m a global nomad who enjoys experiencing different cultures and spending time in different locations around the world. I like to swim, cycle, run, and dance badly. My goals as a teacher are to empower my students with different tools they can use to fulfill their lives on personal and social levels. I´ve been teaching for 2 years, and enjoy learning as much as I enjoy teaching. 

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4. 2. 2015
Lisa Weston

School Ski Trip to Klinovec 2015

At the end of January, I accompanied 44 of my students, from 6th-9th grade, as well as 3 other teachers to a 6 day long ski trip in the Northwestern Czech Mountains. 6 days of snow, skiing, and fun. I was able to learn from my students, instead of teaching. They were the best skiing buddies a novice like me could ask for, and always encouraged me and watched out for me on the slopes. ("Lisa.... Ski truck!!!")

The days were full of skiing and snowboarding, and our nights were filled with activities which had us all in hysterics by the end. Our first night we all acted in skiing and snowboarding safety rules and learned from each other in groups. Then, my talented 9th graders planned an evening of comedy skits and dramatics for the other students, and involved everyone successfully. We also had a masquerade ball, with a costume contest, and a dance portion. During my evening of activities, we conducted a successful Klinovec "pub" quiz, where teams performed special challenges (Draw Africa with your eyes closed!) and tested everyone's pop culture knowledge. I had so much fun and learned so much more than how to ski. Being able to relate with my students outside of the classroom, and having fun with them, and improving my knowledge of Czech traditions (Canadian night is a thing??) was so worth the bumps and bruises I came home with. :) 

I've already said this to my students, but I'll say it again here- I had an amazing trip with them, and I'm so proud of all my students for being such excellent sportsmen and sportswomen, but most of all, for being amazing individuals, and displaying excellence in character the entire trip. 

12. 12. 2014
Lisa Weston
 Since arriving here in Chomutov, I've settled in really well with my school and my classes. I've started two afterschool English clubs, one for older students and one for younger students, called Lingo with Lisa. I teach a mixture of classes ranging from 3rd to 9th grade, and can honestly say I enjoy all of them. I'm also teaching fun CLIL lessons, on vulcanology and astronomy and math, to name a few. I'm very proud of my CLIL classes and students, who work very hard to achieve success in their subjects in English. 
I've also had a great time with the social aspect of the school. My first weekend in town, I went on a hiking overnight trip to a nearby town, and have also attended my first ever ice hockey match, invited by a few of my 9th graders. I had lots of fun last Friday dressing up for St. Nicholas day and touring various kindergartens. All in all, I'm enjoying my time here and am very pleased with all of my lovely students, from 3rd all the way to 9th grade. I look forward to spending the rest of the year learning and having fun with them. Merry Christmas!